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We’re turning 4!

 Wow, it’s already been four years since we started Sho’dol Cosmetics.All we had was a dream to to provide affordable and quality makeup cosmetics for our melanin queens in Africa. We never imagined that what we thought was a small dream would grow into an incredibly life altering journey that would lead many black women around the world into a journey self discovery and self love. If we could turn back the hands of time, we could never have done anything differently.

Let’s Part-ay!

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to gift you with special discounts on some of your favourite Sho’dol Cosmetics products because at the very core of Sho’dol Cosmetics is the desire to provide quality at affordable prices.

Truthfully, we are more than happy to still be able to work on Sho’dol Cosmetics after these four years and live our dream every day, we want to celebrate and also take the time to say  because truly, Sho’dol Cosmetics would not have been even half of this incredible journey if you didn’t support us.

Thank you for being devoted, loyal, supportive and beautiful.  Thank you for coming along this incredible ride with us. You motivated us and provided helpful feedback to our work. Without you, Sho’dol Cosmetics wouldn’t be here today. Our gratitude can not be over emphasized, thank you for everything. 

Discount Details

As earlier stated, as a little thank you gift, we are gifting you with discounts on some of your favourite Sho’dol Cosmetics products. The discount will apply as soon as it clocks midnight. We have discounts on the following products

  • Sho’dol Matte Pressed Powder in shades SD608, SD700, SD702, SD704, SD760 and SD770 at 20% off
  • Sho’dol Matte Pressed Powder SD710 at 10% off
  • All Champagne Lipglosses at 10% off
  • Matte splash Lipsticks in shades Benikster, Spicy Mint and Micayeli at 40% off

  • All other Matte Splsh lipsticks at 10% off
  • Lipliner in shade Brownie at 10% off and Cherry and Cookie at 30% off
  • Sharpener at 30% off
  • Angle brush at 10% off
  • Blending brush at 40% off
  • Lash glue at 20% off

A glimpse into the future

We have so many ideas and so many roads we could take, but one thing remains constant; we would like to serve you better. So feel free to let us know what your beauty needs are. We eager and ready to bring solutions to your needs. We are looking forward to many more years with Sho’dol cosmetics and we hope to celebrate each one with you. We hope that you will happily come along with us and continue to have lots of fun with our products and services.

So, cheers to many more years. Enjoy your shopping experience.


Sho’dol Cosmetics

P.S. If you’re in Zambia, shop here (we deliver countrywide). If you’re outside Zambia; shop here, (we deliver worldwide.)

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