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  • 💗Professionally Improved💗 Thanks to the effort of our professional team. So far, this version features the best softness and microfibers are firmly planted on the surface, the sponge thus won’t lose hair after use or wash to reach longer service life. It’s latex-free, 100% vegan and cruelty free.
  • 💗Easier for Flawless Makeup Look💗 Last generation sometimes spreads makeup products unevenly because it’s a little bit harder than traditional sponges. NOW this new generation perfectly solves this problem and you don’t need to learn some specific tricks to use this kind of sponges. Just do as usual!
  • 💗Saves more products💗 The microfibers on the surface will always prevent makeup products like foundation powder and cream being absorbed into the sponge to help you save more products.
  • 💗Wet&Dry Usable💗 The pores of sponge are adjusted to proper size to achieve better performance. It will get 1.5x of original size when wet, suitable for applying creamy products and get dry faster than last generation.
  • 💗Good for everyone💗 This microfiber make up sponge is a great choice for not only pros but also the beginners. It is easy to use, clean. Get the sponge to immediately optimize your daily makeup!


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